Currently Coveting!

It’s getting to our favourite time of year here in Canada, the much needed and highly anticipated break to give us all a little bit of a breather. While many are heading off on grad trip and far away places in Europe, my best friend and I are headed down south to Florida for a week and we couldn’t be more excited (we’ve been counting down for weeks now)! However, it’s a little bit of a different feel this time around as we realize that this break marks the half way mark of our LAST undergraduate semester ever. Crazy, right?!

Well, in preparation for the break I am providing you with some of the things that have been on my radar lately.

This or this fun beach cover-up.

A plunging scoopback one-piece bather! I especially love the red one!

A really simple seersucker ruffle bikini!

Obsessed with this “round fleck” style for a new pair of sunnies! Also loving this new updated version of Ray Ban’s clubmaster style sunnies!

Somehow I destroyed my runners and I’m now in the market for a new pair. Luckily I’m heading down to Florida so am hoping to score a pair down there, but recently I’ve been eyeing the Ultra Boosts! Still determining if I can switch my loyalty though.

This dress reminds me of something that Julie Delpy would wear in Before Sunrise!

I had the “gimme some lip” set from Sephora and LOVED it. They recently came out with a nude set that I’ve been dying to try!

I’ve always wanted a wishbone necklace and this dainty little silver one is adorable!

These sandals are super simple and adorable! I love this kind of style because it’s easy to dress up or down, and the blush is such a nice change of pace! I also adore these tassel sandals, although they are a bit pricey!

Lilly Pulitzer + S’well? Sign me up! You have to go scouting for these new S’well bottles, but here’s some more information here. The collection is so pretty and summery, it almost transports you forward a couple of months!

On a more winterized note, these winter boots are lovely! Super sleek looking but definitely functional; I find it so hard to score a fashionable pair of winter boots that doesn’t make you look like you’re wearing blocks on your feet. Also into these ones.

Hope you enjoy!

xo Lil


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Currently Coveting (Winter Edition)

Toronto Christmas Market

We all know that the holidays bring Christmas cheer, but who knew that they would bring such bitter temperatures? We’ve gone through a bit of a cold spell on my end and while it looks like a snowglobe from the inside looking out, it’s absolutely treacherous to brave every day (and every night in particular). Winter currently has a one up on me.

Here is what I’ve been coveting this holiday season (p.s. think of this as a gift guide!)

I’ve always loved turtlenecks because I find them to be effortlessly chic and a parisian “I just rolled out of bed and threw this on” kind of way. Here are two that I’ve been eyeing: this one and this one. Here’s a more affordable one.

A cozy pair of reading socks for those R&R days in your family’s chalet.

A Crosley-inspired wireless speaker to simulate the old days.

An adorable little HBC toque and a pretty Michael Kors one for those nippy nights out!

Long-sleeved PJ sets are warm AND chic for the winter time.

And no gift guide can be complete without a candle! Here’s one that’s a little bit off the beaten path — it comes with a ring inside that’s valued from $10 up to $5,000, there’s a catch though, the ring you are to receive is a secret.

Stay warm,


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