On The Radar: Banker Stripes!

Banker Stripes
On The Radar: Banker Stripes in For Summer!

This spring and summer, work wear has just gotten a serious fashion girl re-vamp! Not only are banker stripes still being used in business attire, the pattern has been brought into the fashion world as a S/S staple. They are feminine in so many ways, but still accomplish that boyish feel that every classy lady strives for. Personally, banker stripes have always been a staple in my family…we live by the classic Ralph Lauren meets J. Crew uniform throughout the duration of our time at our cottage. I mean, what goes better than a banker striped button-down with a pair of denim cutoffs and worn out Sperrys? I say nothing.

Here are a couple of ways one of my favourite summer trends is being worked into everyday wear!

This Zara asymmetrical top is a little less summery, but would be perfect for a night out on the town.

The Cartagena Top from Faithfull looks amazing the way that it’s styled, with a denim skirt and pair of cute loafers.

Or, if you’re not into the off the shoulder trend, here’s a pretty little Faithfull sundress for a day on the beach.

I recently bought a dress similar to this one and I’m absolutely loving it! It’s really versatile, so you can dress it up for an occasion or dress it down for a casual day running errands!

A cool retro-style sundress with goldenrod stripes will help you to look fashionable as you lounge in the sun.

I’m currently living in this striped ‘his’ shirt but in the classic blue colour! It’s perfect used as a tunic, a coverup or a shirt with cutoffs underneath!

LOVE these culottes for a simple yet put together everyday look. I tried these on the other day and they are so flattering it’s ridiculous!!!

Finally, a beachy rectangle scarf to keep you warm on those chilly summer nights!

Hope you’re all gearing up for a wonderful summer!

Xo Lil


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Weekly Roundup (After a Long Drawn Out Absence)


Sorry about the absence — I’m just getting back into it after a busy time of exams, a birthday, moving and job hunts. I swear, I’ve said so many times that I’m basically a nomad at this point, moving my entire life from one place to the next.

Without further ado, here are a few fun links from around the web!

A really cool map that shows us what each country’s favourite book is!

For all of those who bought Pemberton tickets and can’t get a refund! WayHome is letting you trade your ticket in for a GA WayHome ticket until June 30th! Find out more info here.

Metallic “lip toppers” are SUPER in right now! Would you try the look out? Here are two ones that I really like: BITE’s Champagne Pearl and Jouer’s Skinny Dip.

Interesting perspective on the themes behind Big Little Lies, maybe worth a read!

My favourite personality test, if you want to give it a go! I’m an ESFJ when I used to be an ENFJ, meaning I have more of a sensing personality vs. intuitive.

A This Is Us wedding shoot! Literally thought that it was Milo and Mandy.

The blouse that just about EVERY beauty blogger owns right now.

So accurate for anyone that loves snacking! I laughed out loud. The grape, cracker and pint of ice cream ones are too funny.

This interview on a couple’s love story is so cute and honest. My favourite part was: Interviewer: “were you O-N on or did it take a minute?” Taylor to Sam/Interviewer: “I think it took a minute — wait were you on?”

Hope you all have a great long weekend!

xo Lil


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Currently Coveting (Winter Edition)

Toronto Christmas Market

We all know that the holidays bring Christmas cheer, but who knew that they would bring such bitter temperatures? We’ve gone through a bit of a cold spell on my end and while it looks like a snowglobe from the inside looking out, it’s absolutely treacherous to brave every day (and every night in particular). Winter currently has a one up on me.

Here is what I’ve been coveting this holiday season (p.s. think of this as a gift guide!)

I’ve always loved turtlenecks because I find them to be effortlessly chic and a parisian “I just rolled out of bed and threw this on” kind of way. Here are two that I’ve been eyeing: this one and this one. Here’s a more affordable one.

A cozy pair of reading socks for those R&R days in your family’s chalet.

A Crosley-inspired wireless speaker to simulate the old days.

An adorable little HBC toque and a pretty Michael Kors one for those nippy nights out!

Long-sleeved PJ sets are warm AND chic for the winter time.

And no gift guide can be complete without a candle! Here’s one that’s a little bit off the beaten path — it comes with a ring inside that’s valued from $10 up to $5,000, there’s a catch though, the ring you are to receive is a secret.

Stay warm,


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Going Back to the Basics!


(love this vintage photo of our school mascot w/ everyone and their school spirit)

Sorry everyone for my lack of posts…I’ve spent the past month or so working out some quirks in my site and it’s been an absolute headache (It’s safe to say, I could never be in computer science).

Since the school year has started, everyone’s continuing to get ready (in more ways than one) to start the year off on a high note. I always enjoy stocking up on new materials, clothes and other miscellaneous items. This year, choosing a bookbag was the struggle.  I kid you not when I say that it took me two months to finally decide on a new bookbag!! I finally decided on this one from Everlane and I’m IN LOVE.

My indecisiveness aside, here are a couple of items that I have been eye-ing for those back-to-school needs!! I find that it’s always great to replenish necessary items like t-shirts (my favourite is the Sunny Tee, which comes in all sorts of colours), jeans (the BEST jeans are from Topshop and are fairly affordable, for good jeans, that is), and neutral sweaters (I like this one and this one, particularly). It’s also always good to get a new pair of fall boots before heading back to school! I opted for a classic black bootie, but of course there are tons of boots to choose from!

I’m also ALL about Swell water bottles and their fun patterns. They are also perfect for keeping drinks cold or hot, obviously! Win win! Finally, on the topic of school materials, agendas are my absolute favourite to shop for! I really like this one, because of it’s size, and this one.

Hope your year has kicked off to a great start!!!


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