Diptyque’s Valentines Day Launch – Eau Rose

For ages, I’ve been searching for a new sophisticated scent to bring into my everyday rotation. Now I would have to say that my signature scent is Burberry Brit, a unique blend of pear and lime top notes which are then enveloped by vanilla, amber and tonka bean. It’s been my everyday winter scent for years now and is one of my favourites for those sultry nights out on the town. Although I love the scent, I’ve always wanted one of those scents that just screams Parisian chic. Not in a Chanel no. 5 kind of way, but more in an “I’m a Parisian woman who strolls along the beaches of Juan les Pins on the reg” kind of way.

When I received Folle de Joie years ago in a Birchbox I instantly fell in love. It was THAT scent that I’d been looking for all of these years. However, for some reason I could never bring myself to splurge on it despite it’s antique Parisian look and floral notes. Much to my dismay Joie ended up discontinuing the scent. I thought to myself, on to another three year journey to find that kind of scent again.

During reading week I walked into Holt Renfew to have a little look around and  found myself in the perfume section. I smelt all of the Jo Malone scents to find that I loved a couple, but found that as lovely as they were, they weren’t the floral Parisian scent that I’d been looking for forever. On a whim I explored the Diptyque booth to find that they had recently collaborated with Antoinette Poisson, a creator and restorer of domino paper in creating a Valentine’s Day collection. The collection spotlights two scents in both candle, room spray, solid perfume and Eau de Toilette form: Eau Dominotée and Eau Rose.

I proceeded to smell both and LOVED them. Finally, I had found the scents that checked every box for me in that Parisian scent category. Many sniffs and coffee beans later, I decided on the Eau Rose scent which has notes of Rose Damascena, Rose Centifolia, Lychee, Ambroxan and finished with notes of honey and cedar. To be honest, you can’t really pick up on the Lychee and I’m not sure what Ambroxan is (if anyone knows, let me know!). It’s a wonderful scent that’s not too rosey but floral enough to really capture that Parisian woman feel. The beautiful design of the box (which was handpainted!) is just a plus.

Now if you are curious about the Eau Dominotée Eau de Toilette, it’s scented with rose, foliage and hints of patchouli to create a sophisticated and multi-purpose scent. Protip: you can put a capful of the scent into your laundry to make your laundry smell sophisticated and to transport you right to Paris! I think it’s so cool that this scent is multi-purpose.



  • Chic and Alluring

    I’ve been going back and forth between Diptyque’s “Eau Rose” and Dior’s “Absolutely Blooming” (their most recent in the Miss Dior range). Lol. How is the lasting power of “Eau Rose”? Thanks!

    • I have both the Eau Rose and the Blooming Bouquet version of the Miss Dior and they have about the same lasting power. I find that if I spray the Eau Rose on in the morning it fades nicely and has a subtle scent that lasts until about 6:00pm!

  • I love this brand. They have such amazing candles. Haven’t delved into their fragrance lines yet but I imagine them to be super dreamy. I’m also loving the protip. Definitely going to implement this in my laundry routine.


    • The scents are dreamy as anything, I highly recommend! The laundry protip is one of my favourites, especially in the spring and summer with their floral scents!! Lemme know how they work out for you!
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