It Takes a Village

(Jacket: Mackage Florica Jacket | Dress: Wilfred Beaune Dress | Shoes: Steve Madden Irene Sandals | Bag: Michael Kors ‘Cindy’ | Sunnies: ‘Charlie’ Metal Round)

“It Takes a Village” is nothing but true when it comes to graduation, especially when it comes down to finding the perfect dress for your day of celebration. Quite literally (okay not literally, dad), it took about a small village to find the dress that I had my eye on for months.

I’m one of those people that searches far in advance for the perfect dress for any occasion. Graduation was no different, and let me tell you, I had quite the search. From the very beginning I had my eye on this flowy dress from Artizia in a kind of dark rose colour (I don’t really know if that describes the colour accurately, but you get the jist). My parents went searching for the dress in all of the Calgary stores while my friends and I searched online and in stores across Ontario. Much to my dismay, the customer service representatives that we spoke to informed us that the dress was unavailable until late June/mid July store-wide. I was disappointed, but was ready to move on and find another dress that I would love equally as much. The dress was unavailable, moving on, end of story.

Then one day while shopping downtown Toronto I decided to pop into the Aritzia store to do some window shopping (I was fooling myself if I thought I would leave empty handed…I mean really…who leaves Aritzia empty handed!). I FOUND THE DRESS! THE DRESS…after all the searching and running around I had found it in my size but in the black version. Turns out I ended up liking the black version WAY more than the original colour that I had lusted over.

The Aritzia Beaune Dress has some beautiful pleats that really make the dress. You can see in the previous photo, that the pleats give the dress some really nice movement and a feminine feel. You end up feeling sort of like a princess because of the flowy material, but you don’t end up looking like a cake topper. Additionally, it’s a wrap dress which means you can adjust it to how you feel (in other words, you can eat as much as you want and still be able to fit into the dress…can someone say winner?). It’s definitely a piece that you can get a tonne of wear out of during the summer months due to its versatile feel. Whether it be a birthday event, a wedding or even just a summer cocktail event, the Beaune Dress will be your best friend!!! As for the Irene sandals, every Queen’s gal and her mother has these shoes, but for good reason — they are comfortable, flattering and the different hues make for a fun pop of colour!!

In honour of me finding the perfect dress for grad and the most flattering sandals to accompany it, here’s a long overdue outfit of the day featuring some summer classics that will be the stars of the show this summer.

I hope that all of your convocations have been wonderful and inspiring!!!

Xo Lil